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A Prayer in this Time of Disease and Uncertainty

As for me, I said, “O LORD, be gracious to me; heal me, for I have sinned against you!” (Psa 41:4 ESV)

Father, you are the God who heals us. People are hurting. People everywhere are getting sick, some are dying, and people everywhere are having to stop their lives and stay apart because of this pandemic.

Father, your servant Paul told us:

do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. (Php 4:6 ESV)

So, Lord, we bring these requests to with thanksgiving for all you have done and provided for us.

We thank you, Father, for giving us life in the first place. We thank you, Father, for sending your son to walk among us, to teach us, to lead us with the great power of God, to die on the cross for us, to pay the price for our sin, and to make available that we should have eternal life, and share in the riches of his glory.
But now, Father, the whole world has stopped as this coronavirus, COVID 19, has appeared and spread around the world in a short time.
Dear Father, guide the physicians and healthcare professionals who are valiantly on the front line dealing with this dangerous and deadly new health threat. Thank you, Father, for working in the hearts and minds of people everywhere to heed the wisdom that we have learned on how to resist this disease through handwashing and social distancing. Thank you, Father, for leading men to learn how to treat this disease, and lessen the severity of this threat.
Father, thank you for comforting each and every soul with your divine comfort.
Thank you, Father, for providing for people in this time of economic uncertainty caused by this virus, and that soon people can go back to their jobs and resume their daily lives more thankful to you for your gracious mercy to us.

More than that, we ask you, dear Father, to mutate this virus away from its deadly form into another form without these deadly attributes so that people can resume their lives without fear of it, or, if it be your will, that researchers can find a cure, or a vaccine, or a treatment that mitigates the severity of this pathogen on us.

We know that this is available because of what your son showed us when he rebuked the wind, walked on water, fed thousands of people miraculously at a time, and frequently healed one after another of us. Lord Jesus, we ask that you mediate this for us now because you graciously said you would.

We thank you, Father, that all things are done unto your glory, and that this, as all the challenges of life, only serves to work to make people turn closer to you both in the saving knowledge of your son and in the rightly divided knowledge of being disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We ask these things in the name of our living Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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A Prayer for Peace and Confidence in Uncertain Times

Dear Father,
Thank you for giving us life. And thank you for leading us closer to you in this time of uncertainty.
Father, people are troubled everywhere. Stock markets can rise but suddenly drop in value. Home ownership is down because it is harder for some to buy a house. The rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer.  People are working but wage gains go to high paying jobs while the wages of low paying jobs stagnate. People are worried that the things that they have worked for are declining in value. There is always a war or threat of war somewhere. Weather disasters are happening at an increasing rate. People are uncertain about life in general.
Your apostle, Paul, wrote, “Set your affection on things above, not on things of the earth.”  Lord, help us do that. Help us put aside our affection for things on earth and learn to love the eternal things more.
Thank you, Lord, for teaching us to learn to love and help one another. Thank for the gift of our families and loved ones. Thank you for reconciling broken hearts, and helping to restore families. Help us, O Lord, to get closer together. Help us get more of a sense of community, of sharing, of fellowshipping together. Thank you, Lord, for reminding us that we are in this together. For these are more important than things.
Father, you are the source of peace. That peace comes through the knowledge of your son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for sending your son to die for us that we can have eternal life. The affairs of this life are frequent reminders that peace comes from above, not from the world.
The Gospel of John says that Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Lead us, Father, and guide us to realize that more abundant life which we know is not centered on earthly things, but the things that are from you.
Father, you are the great provider, the creator of all that is.
Lord, we pray for confidence in your provision. Help us remain focused on you that we remain peaceful and confident, that no matter what you provide for our needs. Your Apostle, Paul, wrote, that you supply all our need according to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Help us see that more and more each day!
Thank you for all of this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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