This website has a Table of Contents page that is organized by category so that you can scan down the list of posts in a category to see what is available.  Note that some posts fall under multiple categories so you may find a post listed multiple times.

You can see the  Recently Viewed list in the sidebar to find recent posts in chronological order backwards (most recent first).

You can also click on a Category in the sidebar to see all the posts that have been assigned to that category. This is an expanded version of the list that you will find on the Table of Contents page with the post title and some introductory sentences of the post available for review.

Each post has a search box to also help search for a topic.

Here’s how to get the most out of searching this website.

To Look for a Topic

Type the topic in the search box at the top of the right sidebar.  For example, for righteousness type “righteousness” in the box without the quotes and hit enter.

That will bring up all the times that the word  “righteousness” is found on a post on the website. You can look over the post titles to see if a post title looks like a topic you want to explore, or you can just start with the first one. Then go to that page, and press Ctrl-F to search that individual page. type “righteousness” in that box and press enter.

In our example, typing “righteousness” in the box at the top of the right sidebar without the quotes and hitting enter brought up 40 some posts. Then I chose “We Err When We Don’t Know the Scriptures or the Power of God; Speak in Tongues”. From there I pressed Ctrl-F and “righteousness” was highlighted just once in a cited passage Act 10:34-43 KJV.

To Look For a Scripture

Citations refer to Scripture books by their first three letters. For example, Acts is “Act”. The exceptions are books with numbers first like 1 Samuel in which case it is the number followed by the first 2 letters.  I Samuel chapter 10 is “1Sa 10”.

Let’s say you want to look for Acts 10:35.  You could search for “Act 10:35”. But, while it may be cited individually, other times it may be in a citation that is multiple verses like the example above. In that case, you may just want to look for the book and chapter.  For example, searching for “Act 10” will bring up all the places (including citations) for Acts chapter 10.  Or, you could just look for all the references in a book.  For example, searching for “1Sa” will bring up all the posts that mention the book of 1 Samuel.


Unfortunately, searching is not foolproof.  Searching for “1Sa 10”, for example, brought up a page where I could not find any references to 1 Samuel chapter 10. But I have found it useful the majority of the time.

The search is not case-sensitive.

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