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Table of Contents

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Original Christianity

Objections to Restoring Original Christianity

Basic Christianity in Modern Times (Not Necessarily Original Christianity Or What We Are Supposed to Do!)

Scriptural Interpretation and Translation

The Canon of Scripture

Grammar and Logic

Koine (Biblical) Greek

The Word Spirit


  • 21.1.2 One Benefit of All These Divisions in the Christian Church
  • Apostolic Succession – Scriptural or Not? No, It’s Another Example of Tradition Voiding the Word of God
  • Autonomy of the Local Church – Expanded – An Example of A Priori Use in Scripture Interpretation
  • Baptism, Universally Accepted, Widely Disputed
  • Biblical Inerrancy
  • Church Government
  • Clergy and Laity Distinctions: Biblical or Not?
  • Covenantism and Dispensationalism
  • Did Jesus Really Break God’s Rules by Healing on the Sabbath?
  • Dietary Laws
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • End Times (Eschatology)
  • Eternal Security
  • Evolution
  • Giving vs Tithing
  • H1 Homosexuality Revisited
  • Is Abortion Murder?
  • Neither Baptism Nor Communion Services for Quakers and the Salvation Army
  • Philosophy in Christianity – Welcome Addition or Intrusion of Worldly Reasoning? – The Trinity’s Philosophical Basis
  • Predestination
  • Prophecy Appears Different in NT than in OT
  • Psychology: the Acceptability of Christian Counseling
  • Sacraments, Conveyers of Grace or Not
  • T 1.31 More on Paul’s Decision To Go To Jerusalem, How Tradition Can Affect Translation And Meaning, Accepting Deliverance When Available
  • The “in the Name of Jesus” Debate
  • The Argument that Tongues and other Gifts and Manifestations have Ceased
  • The Role of Women in the Church
  • War
  • Word of Faith
  • End Times




    Law and the Prophets



    Modern Christianity


    Outside Criticism of Christianity




    Roman Catholicism




    The Trinity is is discussed to various extents in the following articles. You can use the search box on each article to find the specific references to the Trinity within the article.


    Worship Experiences

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