Speak Koine (Biblical) Greek 20 – Lord’s Prayer 2

We are working on the Lord’s Prayer, one piece at a time.  We started with the opening in Matthew 6:9b. The next piece will be three clauses from Matthew 6:9c, and Matthew 6:10a.

Play the link below to learn the verse in Greek and to practice.

Lords Prayer 2 Audio (click link to hear audio)

Hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done.

(Matthew 6:9c-10a EMTV)

These clauses are very interesting in the Greek, and share some elements in common:

  1. They start with a verb
  2. they all have an article (we will look at why they are different in an upcoming lesson)
  3. they end in “sou”, (“your” in English)

Lords Prayer 2

Here is a breakdown of the Greek words and their meanings.

Matthew 6:9 Words:

Lords Prayer In Greek Breakdown 2

Practice makes perfect.  Practice saying the verse, as well as the individual words and meanings.

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