Speak Koine (Biblical) Greek 6 – Pronunciation 1

There are two different approaches to learning these lessons. First is to simply learn the language like someone does as a child, just listen and repeat. The second is to also try to read the words that are included in the lesson.

If, for right now, you are just listening to the audio, then you can skip this lesson and come back to it when you want to start reading the words.

If you are reading the words, then you need to learn the sounds associated with the letters. In this first lesson on pronunciation we will just look at the sounds that are normally associated with the letters of the alphabet. In the next lesson we will look at the variations on the sounds, as and when they are combined to make diphthongs, nasal gammas, iota subscripts, and have breathing marks. We will also discuss a little bit about  accents  and punctuation in that lesson also.

Greek Alphabet

Note: just as in English there are both long and short forms of certain vowels; alpha, iota, and upsilon. Epsilon is always short because eta is its long form and omicron is always short with omega as its long form.

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