Speak Koine (Biblical) Greek 8 – John 14:6c

We are working on John 14:6, one of the great proclamations about himself that Jesus made.  I break the verse down into three parts to make it easier to learn and this is the third part.   Play the link below to learn the verse in Greek and to practice.

John14:6 audio (click link to hear audio)

No one comes to the Father unless by me. (John 14:6c Darby)

The koine Greek for this verse looks like this:

John14:6c in Greek

The koine Greek for the whole verse sounds like:

John14:6 (whole verse) in Greek
John14-6 (whole verse audio)
Click link to play audio.

Here is a breakdown of the Greek words and their meanings.

John 14:6c Word for Word Breakdown:

John14:6 in Greek Breakdown

Practice makes perfect.  Practice saying the verse, as well as the individual words and meanings. (Refer to the previous two articles for the breakdown of those parts of the verse.)


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