Speak Koine (Biblical) Greek 4 – John 14:6a

John 14:6 is a longer verse than the verses we’ve looked at so far. Because of that we are going to split up the verse into parts.  I don’t remember when I first learned the principle, but it goes like this:

“Yard by yard, it’s way too hard, but inch by inch, it’s a cinch.”

It’s pretty easy to remember a phrase or two, but learning verses that have multiple sentences and compound phrases becomes complicated, especially when you’re first starting.  With that in mind we are in a break this verse down into three parts, and the first part is only four words in the Greek.

John 14:6 is one of the great proclamations that Jesus made about himself.  Play the link below to learn the verse in Greek and to practice.

John14:6a Audio (click link to hear audio)

Jesus says to him (John 14:6a Darby)

The koine Greek for this verse looks like this:

Here is a breakdown of the Greek words and their meanings.

Phil 4:13 Word for Word Breakdown

John14:6a in Greek Breakdown

Practice makes perfect. Practice saying the verse, as well as the individual words and meanings.

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