Same Website – Different Look – Changes currently being Applied

WordPress is a wonderful content management system that has worked well to present this information about original Christianity and how it has developed. But, after nineteen years, it stopped working for this site due to the theme and some coding of the site becoming outdated and unable to work with the WordPress program.  Also, the usability of the site on mobile devices was not as good as it needed to be.  So, the site’s look is updated, hopefully, more modern and appealing.

The content is still the same, a look at original Christianity, with articles on significant events that affected the faith over the years.  And, there are many articles that compare different movements, theologies, philosophies with the rightly divided scriptures to help people make informed decisions about which church in the Christian marketplace represents the church that Christ started and the original apostles worked to establish. There are also articles on tools to research scriptures to help people investigate the word of God themselves in making these extremely important decisions.

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