The Boston Marathon Response: “Fear Not”

Driving to an appointment yesterday, I flipped around the radio dial, and every station had at least a reference to the incident at the Boston Marathon.  On some shows it was all they talked about.

One caller to a talk show said he thought it would be unfortunate, but inevitable, that this incident would come to be known as “The Boston Marathon Bombing”.  He suggested another name for the incident, and I would like to do the same. I would like to call it “The Boston Marathon Response”.

Yes, the bombing was horrific: three precious lives were lost, and many were injured.  But what inspired me, what moved me, was the response.

The Boston Marathon Response needs to be recognized for the awesome model that it is. No sooner had the bomb exploded, it seems, than first responders were running towards the blast site. The hair on the back of my neck stands up every time I think about it.

Immediately people began giving aid to the injured.  There had been a medical triage unit set up to handle typical marathon issues like dehydration and exhaustion. Instantly, they swung into gear and calmly and fearlessly began treating war wounds; burns, shrapnel, and amputations.

Another caller on one of the shows reported that within an hour a website has been set up where people were doing random acts of kindness, including offering up rooms in their homes to strangers and people from other parts of the country even calling and ordering pizzas to be sent to wherever there might be a need.

The Boston Marathon bombing was horrific, but the lesson is in the Boston Marathon Response.  When I think of the Boston Marathon I see a scattering crowd on a busy street with smoke and debris everywhere, and in that tumult I see people in yellow and green vests turning and moving to respond with aid towards the blast zone.

I pray for all of the injured, both physically and emotionally. I thank God for the Boston Marathon Response.

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